Accelerator Function

The Accelerator Function

oikos Copenhagen is divided into functions and projects: every team managing a given project will be made up of 6 members, each of them coming from different functions.

oikos Accelerator (previously oikos Family) is a fairly new concept that has been mainly directed to expand oikos Copenhagen’s network to reach students and sustainability enthusiasts located outside CBS, through social media engagement. 

This year, we want to work on expanding this concept further. We decided to keep the existing oikos Family network, while also adding on a few new features through the function of oikos Accelerator. 

Given our past success and well-established projects, we would like oikos Accelerator to function as a business development hub. Specifically, we want to work on making a business case out of our existing projects and share the findings with other oikos chapters worldwide to accelerate sustainable change around campuses. Similarly, findings and concepts will be extended to help other students organizations located in the Copenhagen area to foster increased collaboration and provide for a broader impact.

How will we do it, you might ask: 

What is unique about oikos Accelerator is that the concept is in its infant stage, meaning that there is plenty of room for creative ideas to bloom into actionable plans! We are in constant communication with oikos chapters around the world and have an open dialogue regarding future collaborations with oikos Barcelona and oikos Helsinki. By fostering this communication, enhancing collaboration and sharing best practices, we believe we can advance the extent to which sustainable impact is achieved, not only around us, but also worldwide. 

The current goals of oikos Accelerator are:

  1. Conceptualize oikos Copenhagen’s projects as best practices and share it within the oikos network. 

  2. Bolster collaboration among Danish universities to broaden sustainable impact in the Copenhagen region. 

  3. Enhance cooperation with other oikos chapters all over the world to accelerate change on a far-reaching sphere. 

Who are you? 

We are looking for someone who can help us elevate the concept of oikos Accelerator to the next level. Ideally, you have some experience within business development, although we also value personal drive and passion for our cause. You are a visionary who has proven to walk the extra mile to bring his/her ideas forward. You are enthusiastic about working in a team, but can effectively manage individual tasks in a timely manner. You are preferably well-structured and organized and can commit to one weekly meetings throughout the whole academic year. 

Our official recruitment starts on 1 September 2019, but if you have questions either in terms of oikos or about the communications function feel free to contact Giulia Carmicino under

Application period: 1 September - 26 September 2019

Application links are opened on 1 September. If you do not want to miss the date follow us on Facebook or on Instagram!


Giulia carmicino - head of accelerator / board member

MSc Supply Chain Management, 2nd year, CBS


open Position - Accelerator manager / Project Green Week


OPen Position - Accelerator Manager / Project Curricular transformation


OPen position - accelerator Manager / Project oikos Career


open position - accelerator manager / Project oikos impact

open position - accelerator manager / Project Social pioneers (SP)


open position - accelerator manager / project oikos case competition