Photo: Lorena Thai

Photo: Lorena Thai


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How do you picture sustainability? This year’s photographies showcase the topics Green traffic, fashion and food

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Time to Travel

By Lorena Thai

Sometimes time pressure and costs put us in a position where we find it hard to choose the “best” (obviously the best would be walking) commuting method for the planet. Also, would you have thought that this picture was taken on a sunny day in Copenhagen? Sometimes the places close to us are as beautiful as far-away places.

Towards Zero by Lorena Thai: Copenhagen aims to be the first capital city in the world to be carbon neutral by the year 2025

Commute on Me-Mover by Jason L. Nguyen

Shades of Oranges by Nga Nguyen

Zero Package Waste by Jason L. Nguyen, taken in LOS Market in Norrebro

Pears After Rain by Dann Ghe Orghita: This pear tree was photographed in my grandma's garden. Every year, without failing, it gives incredibly beautiful and tasty pears. It made me think that if I respect and give a chance to nature, nature will never fail to respond and nurture me back. It's the same in all Life's situations

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Pick ’n’ Mix

By Jason L. Nguyen

Editor’s note: At shops like the LØS market in Nørrebro, Copenhagen unnecessary packaging is left out and the concept allows us to only pick and choose the amount we need, instead of buying a package of carrots and throwing half of it away - together with the plastic surrounding it.

Conscious Clothing

Conscious Clothing

By Jason L. Nguyen

Editor’s note: A lot of clothes are not used until their life span ends. One of the reasons might be impulse shopping. Unfortunately, clothes production creates a lot of CO2 thus affecting our climate. Why not choose consciously rather than out of impulse?

The Traveler by Nga Nguyen

How Many Times Can A T-Shirt Be Worn? By Laura Kbl

Music + Clothes Swap = Zero CO2 By Lorena Thai



By Dann Ghe Orghita

The carpet represents the past ages, wisdom and beauty. It stands, as if alone and forgotten, between a symbol of the developed technological era and the modern man, which is still not completely lost from his roots

Into the Night by Dann Ghe Orghita

Commuting by train is cozy, allows us to observe our surroundings and can be productive at the same time. Plus there is no congestion!

Powered By Sunlight by Nga Nguyen

How would your utopia look like? by Lorena Thai


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