The business world, policy makers, and international organizations have an increasing demand for graduates with profound knowledge on sustainability.

To match this demand, we need to connect sustainability to the core of CBS’ education system.

Therefore, the mission of this pilot project is to integrate the present and the future of sustainability into CBS’ study programs.

Taking advantage of the academic support we got from CBS Dean of Education, CBS PRME and CBS Sustainability and by working in close contact with study-boards, professors, and students, the ultimate long-term goal is to empower a change, which will lead to curricular innovation within economics and business management education.


The project will give students a unique opportunity to dive into the theme of sustainability from different perspectives and get involved in the sustainability network in higher education to ultimately develop skills as change-agents, whatever their specialization and future professional role will be.



  1. Collect data and create a report for the study-boards to highlight the importance of  the project, covering the following areas:

    • Definition of sustainability, focusing on why it should be relevant for their specific study-program;

    • Students’ demand and interest for sustainability;

    • Companies’ demand for employees with sustainability skills;

    • Course descriptions from Top-universities;

    • Examples from universities who have already implemented a similar transformation.

  2. Incorporate sustainability as an integrated learning outcome for each study program.

  3. Create a transformation strategy by drawing on internal and external resources to innovate the curricula and facilitate the implementation and adoption for the study-boards starting from the Academic Year 2019/20.