Function Overview

Meetings & Time Commitment

As an oikos member, you will have 2 meetings of one hour every week, one with the project and one with the function. According to the nature of your project, there may be busier times and less busy times. It is also possible that you need to commit beyond the meetings (e.g. send e-mails to potential guests speakers; have additional meeting with partners, etc.). Additionally, we organise social events such as, the General Assembly (twice every year), the Christmas dinner, and other leisure activities that everyone is free but not obligated to join.

This year, we offer all our members Function Workshops, which are not restricted to function members. There will e.g. be a video-making workshop for the Communication Function, an agile project management Workshop for the PM function, a negotiation workshop for the FIN function etc.

Project Meetings

Within the project meetings, oikos members plan, discuss and organize all the necessary activities for the realization of the project. There are no hierarchies within the team, but clear areas of responsibility according to the functions, as well as shared tasks according to the project.

Function Meetings

Within the function meetings, all members share their experiences of their projects. Moreover, together with the Board Members they coordinate and manage the development of oikos Copenhagen as a whole.

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PM. Project Managers ensure that their project is reaching milestones and are meeting their deadlines. They also make sure that each of the project members know their responsibilities and provide guidance in case needed.

COM. Communication Managers make sure that their project gets public recognition as well as the necessary information to attend the events (Green Week, oikos Case Competition, oikos Career). Further, Communications Managers continuously work on improving the oikos brand in terms of visualisation, perception and reach.

FIN. Finance Managers keep track of the budget spent. They work cross-functionally e.g. with Relations to acquire funding for our projects and work with Communications to ensure that marketing funds are adequately spent.

REL. Relation Managers maintain and acquire new contacts in order for our projects to continuously strive and grow. They are the core that allows us to partner up for events and workshops and are the bridge to businesses, academia and other organisations.

ENG. Engagement Managers are the core of oikos Copenhagen that makes sure oikos members stay connected and motivated. They organise internal events and make sure we get to have fun together while being the mediators within the projects to ensure high team spirit.

ACC. Accelerators are a new part of oikos and work with international as well as local stakeholders, such as universities and international oikos chapters to share and improve knowledge. They strive to ensure high quality of their project, making a business case out of them to continuously maintain and improve the projects.

Organisational structure and open positions

Our organisational structure with vacant positions indicated by the empty icons

Our organisational structure with vacant positions indicated by the empty icons