Integrated Project

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This project offers students the unique opportunity to work in close contact with four companies to help them solving a sustainability-related challenge.

During the Integrated project 4 groups of 3 students with different backgrounds will compete in four different tracks to provide the best solutions. A total of 48 students will be selected for the project.



As a student-driven organization oikos Copenhagen works to form and empower future leaders, providing a platform to bring sustainability in business and economics.

The Integrated Project is a new initiative by oikos Copenhagen aimed at giving students the possibility to develop hands-on experience on a sustainability related challenge.

The project facilitates the collaboration between companies and ambitious students on solving sustainability business cases.

It’s an opportunity for leading companies to find case- specific solutions for their issues as well as the possibility to get in touch with potential talent, and for students to gain real-life experience within the field of sustainability.


There will be four tracks, each hosted by a company that introduces a unique challenge. Students will try to solve the problem during 4 workshops over the span of two semesters.

The content and structure of these workshops will vary depending on the track. In each of them, participants will gain new skills and knowledge that will help them solve the challenge.

Once all workshops are completed, groups will present their solutions at a final event in front of a panel of judges, and one group from each track will be declared the winner and receive a special award.

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The duration of each workshop will on average last for 4 hours and include different activities, such as design thinking, interaction with project stakeholders, field trips, communication and presentation exercises, as well as feedback sessions.


There will be a total of 12 available participation seats in each track, where participants will be divided into 4 groups of 3 students, ideally from different universities, based on their experience and academic background.


Integrated project participants:

  • Are driven by interest and motivation in gaining hand-on experience on a sustainability related challenge.

  • Are Bachelor or Master students in Business, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science or Political Science.

  • Are available to attend 4 workshops of 4 hours over one year (16 hours in total) and attend the final event on April 25th 2019.