The overall mission of this new project is to bring students closer to the sustainable business movement in Denmark and beyond by creating awareness about potential career opportunities in the field of sustainability and by providing students with the relevant tools in order to implement the SDG within businesses.

This year Oikos Effect supports our partner Graduateland primarily in the promotion of the first Sustainability Virtual Career Fair (SVCF) which took place on 20 March 2019. The SVCF is an online recruitment event connecting job seekers with potential employers offering sustainability-related positions.

In addition, Oikos Effect will be part of the Student for Global Goals Day in April 2019. An all-day event where several student associations face the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Oikos Effect will organize one of the main workshops dealing mainly with impact investment.


Students will be able to discover many different career opportunities and act in favor of students and graduates seeking a career future in a sustainable business context. Participants will meet proactive students and professionals and together facilitate the inter-connectedness and co-operation among companies, initiatives and organizations sharing the same values and goals.



  • Co-organize the SVCF promotion strategy

  • Contact potential partners

  • Organize a workshop during Green Week

  • Organize an Impact Investment Workshop during Student for Global Goals Day