"Sustainability is not only a trend, is a fundamental pillar of the emerging socio-economic paradigm. Students are at the forefront of this revolution, but they are often not aware of how impactful they can be. At oikos Copenhagen we know that, and we involve the leaders of tomorrow to make an impact, starting today.” 

What is oikos Copenhagen doing?

oikos Copenhagen is the local Danish chapter of an international student-driven organisation that promotes sustainable economics and management education. We are the largest sustainability-related organisation within the Copenhagen area and also within the oikos community. We are located at CBS, but our activities are not limited to CBS students and are open to any other students at higher education institutions, such as KU and DTU, as well.

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Our Core values

We are facilitators to the topic of sustainability and want to draw attention and encourage openness and discussion about current issues relevant to our future


Organisational structure

oikos Copenhagen comprises 42 members divided into the oikos Copenhagen Board, 6 projects and 6 functions.

The association is organised according to a matrix organizational structure. Therefore, each member is simultaneously part of one project and one function.

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