Recycling Guide


Hello Recycler!

 We know recycling can be difficult, and we want to make it easy for you to sort your trash properly at the new oikos recycling station.

So here is our guide to recycling correctly so we can get the most out of the system as possible. Happy recycling!

The recycling station has 4 sections to ensure we can recycle as much as possible. We have made sure the sections are representative of the food you can buy at CBS campus, so keep reading to know exactly what goes where.



This section is basically anything that biodegrades which is mainly food but also some kinds of napkins. So, if it is it edible, it goes in here.

√      Leftovers from canteen lunch/dinner

√      Fruit leftovers such as banana peels or apple cores

√      Teabags

√      Certain brown napkins (it will state if they are biodegradable on them)

X      No white napkins as these are not biodegradable – please put these in general waste



This section refers to paper which you write on and not napkins or tissues.

√      Any paper with or without print

√      Magazines and newspapers

√      Paper bags

√      Thick paper (carton)

√      Paper with staplers or paperclips

X     No cardboard

X      No napkins – these go in general waste



For the plastics there are two different sections: soft and hard plastic. It is important that all plastic that goes in the bins is CLEAN and must not have any leftover food on it! If the plastic is not cleaned, it will not get recycled L. It is possible to clean plastic just around the corner from the two recycling stations, where dirty dishes are placed.


Soft plastic 

This is any plastic that can be bent (i.e. soft).

√      Plastic wrappers e.g. from chocolate bars or candy bags

√      Plastic wrap/film from sandwiches, carrots or biscuits etc.

√      Lids from coffee cups


Hard plastic

Plastic which is not easily bent

√      Plastic bottles

√      Lids from takeaway boxes in canteen

√      Plastic cutlery

√      Plastic containers from salads


General waste 

This section is where anything that does not fit in the above sections go.

√      Dirty pizza boxes

√      White napkins from the canteen

√      Anything with food on that is too difficult to rinse off

√      Coffee cups (except lid)

√      Take away boxes from the canteen


What about metals?

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to have a metal section at the station. If you have metal, such as in the form of beer or soda cans, then it should go in the general waste. 


We do not have a section for pant, however just outside of Solbjerg Plads main entrance, to the right, you can find a pant bin.


If you are a frequent recycler in Copenhagen, then you might already be a talented in field and know exactly what goes where, if we have missed anything then please let us know.