Our Vision


oikos Copenhagen is one of the largest local chapter in the oikos community. We provide a platform where students, academia, businesses, government and NGOs collaborate towards a sustainable future. We are based at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), but we involve students from every university in Copenhagen and organize different sustainability-related projects during the year.

oikos Kick-Off 2018

"Sustainability is not only a trend, is a fundamental pillar of the emerging socio-economic paradigm. Students are at the forefront of this revolution, but they are often not aware of how Impactful they can be. At oikos Copenhagen we know that, and we involve the leaders of tomorrow to make an impact, starting today.” 


One of the first oikos meetings of the year 2018-2019, in Student Innovation House



Oikos Copenhagen comprises 36 members divided into the oikos Copenhagen Board, 5 projects and 6 functions.

The association is organized according to a matrix organizational structure. Therefore, each member is simultaneously part of one project and one function.

project functions.png

The 6 functions are:

Project Management (PM)

Communication (COM)

Finance (FN)

Relations track (REL)

Engagement (ENG)

Integrated Project (IP)


The oikos Copenhagen Board comprises 6 members, each of one coordinates one of the 6 functions



Each of the 5 oikos Projects follows the same structure of the Board. Each member is responsible for specific tasks, according to the function she\he is part of.

  • PM. Manage the overall organization of the project

  • COM. Manage the communication of the project

  • FIN. Manage Budget and Fundraising for the project

  • REL. Manage the contact database of the project

  • ENG. Ensure high motivation & organize internal event and leisure activities

  • IP. Organize and manage the Integrated Project