The Project Management Function

oikos Copenhagen is divided into functions and projects. Every project team will consist of 6 members, each of them coming from different functions: Project Management, Communication, Finance, Engagement, Relations, oikos Network.

The Project Management function is looking for members able to coordinate and manage the team members’ tasks, reporting the work to the board and ensuring long-term growth of the organisation.

Tasks include:

  • Keeping an overview of the processes, tasks and the timeline of the project

  • Setting and managing milestones and monitor their achievement

  • Formulation and strategic delegation of tasks within the project team

  • Alignment of project goals with the organisation’s goals

  • Maintaining formal and structural requirements of the project

  • Reporting to the President

Are you a Project Manager? 

The candidates must show a proactive and independent attitude, aimed at solving minor issues without the intervention of board members. 

Previous work experience in teams is highly appreciated but not required. Leadership qualities, solution- and detail- oriented mindset, and strong skills in managing different stakeholder-relations are a plus. 

As a Project Manager you will be exposed to different ideas coming from different people, with different backgrounds. Thus, you should be able to be constantly open to new ideas, but without losing the overall picture.

Our official recruitment starts on 1 September 2019, but if you have questions either in terms of oikos or about the project management function feel free to contact Julia Köhler under

Application period: 1 September - 26 September 2019

Application links are opened on 1 September. If you do not want to miss the date follow us on Facebook or on Instagram!


Julia köhler - Head of project management / President

MSc Management of Innovation and Business Development, 2nd year, CBS


open position - Project manager / Project green week (GW)


open position - Project manager / project Curricular transformation (CT)


Irene vitali - Project manager / project oikos Career (OC)

MSc Business and Development Studies, 2nd year, CBS


OPen position - Project manager / Project OIkos impact (OI)


Laura Knebler - Project Manager / Project Social Pioneers (SP)

MSc Management of Innovation and Business Development, 2nd year, CBS


Marc tromp - project manager / Project oikos case competition

MSc Management of Innovation and Business Development, 2nd year, CBS