Track 3 Penstable

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 The Challenge: Market entry and sustainable finance

Due to falling birth rates and a rapidly aging population, Europe is facing an immense change in demography. Ensuring that the growing number of retirees receive a sufficient income will be challenging through the existing state-based pension fund model.

The EU is therefore currently addressing this issue by outlining a plan to create a Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP), which will allow the trade of pensions across European borders and thereby increase competition. Penstable, a startup that invests its customers’ pension in socially and environmentally sustainable companies, are looking to exploit this opportunity by entering a new market.

Track 3 participants will as a result be asked to develop a market entry strategy within the scope of European Union, by conducting market research including identifying customer segments, political forces, and market size/structure. The groups will interact with experts within fintech and consumer insights as well as receive communication and presentation technique training.


As a reward for the group with the best solution, the three members will get the opportunity to attend Climate Kic, an EU innovation community that works to accelerate the region’s transition to a zero-carbon economy.


  • 1st Workshop: 22/10/2018 (16:00 - 20:00)

  • 2nd Workshop: 12/11/2018 (16:00 - 20:00)

  • 3rd Workshop: 4/3/2019 (16:00 - 20:00)

  • 4th Workshop: 8/4/2019 (16:00 - 20:00)


  • Final Pitch: 26/4/2019 (tbd)


  • Attach your CV in the application

  • Attach a motivation letter (max 300 words)

DEADLINE 11th of October 2018