oikos Impact is a new project this year, with the aim of bringing sustainability to CBS campus.

Our team is working on several initiatives both alongside students and the CBS faculty, and essentially working as a link between the two with the goal of creating a more sustainable and green environment.


The project will give students a unique opportunity to dive into the theme of sustainability from different perspectives and get involved in the sustainability network in higher education to ultimately develop skills as change-agents, whatever their specialization and future professional role will be.

In the Impact Team you will be able to raise awareness and solve problems about sustainability at CBS campus.

You will be in close contact with the CBS organization but at the same time you will be in close contact with the students, as this project attempts to influence students to act in a greener way and make sustainable choices whenever possible.

Project Structure

oikos Impact is implementing different projects this year and will cover more areas in the years to come, in collaboration with CBS Sustainability.

The Projects are:

  • The launch of a sustainability advertising campaign that will raise awareness about sustainability on campus. The campaign is an attempt to influence students to act in a greener way and make sustainable choices whenever possible.

  • support the creation of the CBS Sustainability Masterplan by providing the student perspective in relevant areas of the masterplan. The CBS Sustainability Masterplan is a plan that will outline how CBS will tackle sustainability by stating concrete actions to be taken, based on the CBS Sustainability strategy.

  • implement students’ ideas by making ideas feasible and figuring out how to make them work in practice. oikos Impact wants to have students at the center of all idea creation, because they are the ones that use the campus daily.

  • Conduct a survey for the ‘Impact Advertising’, in order to find out more about the students’ specific interests regarding sustainability and about where they see room for improvements on campus.

  • implement the first ideas at the canteen where we aim at reducing the offering of meat and increasing the vegetable-based options.

  • Lastly we plan on introducing a system for separating waste. Our biggest goal is to implement a pant system in order to reduce the use of disposable cups.